Why no pictures? I didn’t take any. So you’re just going to have to read words. Like in olden times.

Welcome to the first Whimsical Wednesday post. I was going to say “my” whimsical Wednesday post and encourage you to slap a hashtag on it and send it to all your friends, but the Internet beat me to the punch. Turns out it’s a thing. So my whimsy has been validated by social media! I feel a little bit of Kardashian self-congratulatude.

Ok. Yes, you’re right. That is NOT a thing. 

Back to whimsy. 

Those of you who know me on Facebook may remember that I posted recently about some Buddhist monks I ran into on my last trip to Costco. For those of you not on Facebook, this is not the start of a joke.

A group of Buddhist monks, wrapped in saffron robes, entered Costco at the same time I did. I headed for the Electronics section, and I noticed they made their way over to Wellness. (Also not a joke.)

I crossed paths with them again as I was putting a cask of B12 vitamins in my flatbed grocery truck. As I rounded the end of the aisle, I realized one of the monks was directly behind me, and he had his hands over his head like he was about to cheer. I was so surprised, I turned around to face him. And when I did, I realized he was cheering about…


A 95-lb bag of Doritoes. I thought he was going to jump out of his socks and sandals. Of course, he did all of this very quietly. I don’t think I heard a peep out of him. But he did smile an awful lot.

But this was not the only whimsy to be had! (Thank God, think those of you who have heard my monk tale and are thinking I should have posted it on Told-me-already Tuesday.)

There were two happily voluptuous ladies chatting over lunch beside full grocery carts, each featuring a giant bag of Skinny Pop popcorn. 

And the woman in line behind me, checking out with a 24-pack of Kleenex, a huge bottle of white wine, and the next book in the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo series. I was going to tease her and say if the breakup was that bad then she should go back for ice cream.  But I didn’t, because I suddenly remembered the cashier at the Container Store who, upon seeing my full-to-the-ceiling cart shrugged and said, “Well…good luck organizing your life.” That was not very whimsical at all.