IMG_1961If you’re wondering where I’ve been lately, don’t worry. I still travel between Three Dog Farm/The Enclave and Virginia regularly, and my spring plans include buying a lawn tractor. (No, that is not my goat and no, that is not my Leonberger dog.)

As I sit here watching Thor, our golden retriever, lick a spot of sunshine on the wall because …. well because he’s a dog …I realize I haven’t been providing regular updates, but that’s only because I’m writing a novel. I’m publishing it in serial form online – you can find it here: The Weapon Sisters. It’s about female terrorists and it’s rather violent, so some of you may be surprised by the content. I know you all expected me to write something lighthearted about Parkinson’s – like that infuriatingly bad rhyming poetry some other “Facebook famous” patients churn out and publish on Amazon. My spelling abilities and sense of irony did not die with my dopamine, I’m just saying.

If you enjoy a good thriller, please join me over on The Weapon Sisters. And you can always stay tuned here because I love to talk about the crazy things I do every day, in the hopes of making you laugh.