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Phirst Philanthropic Photos

Back alley, Paris
Back alley, Paris

My nascent foray into philanthropy has enjoyed a successful day! Mr. Ford came to Art Beat Gallery this morning and purchased a large, framed print of Morning Reflections and a smaller print of Back Alley, Paris. Ten percent of the profits from the sale (in this case, $9.00) will be added to the amount I donate each month to the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area. I would have started with a check in October, but the modest $4.00 I raised from the sale of greeting cards (thank you Mr. Fotos and Ms. McCluskey!) was modest enough that I thought I would wait until business picked up a bit.

Here’s how it’s going to work (at least for the foreseeable future – or until I get a wealthy patron who subsidizes my creative work and allows me to give away millions a year to Parkinson’s organizations):

  1. On the 30th of each month, I’ll total up the donations and write a check to the PFNCA.
  2. I’ll report the amount here on the blog so you can all keep track.
  3. I’ll also announce sales throughout the month so I can properly thank my patrons!
  4. Because of the fees and commission I pay the gallery monthly, the amount I’m able to donate from gallery sales (10% of the profit) is less than from my online sales (80-90% of the profit), where I can sell my images directly.

Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a very successful endeavor!


Photos Phor Philanthropy – Pheaturing Phrance

Photography Phor Philanthropy

I’ve finally launched my Prints for Parkinson’s campaign! The proceeds from the sale of every print in my shop will be donated to the Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA) – – of which I am a member of the board of directors. The organization provides communication, education, and support programs – AT NO CHARGE – to our constituents: people living with Parkinson’s (like me!) and our families and care partners.

I’ll be releasing a catalog of prints soon, and will be recording all the donations on my blog. Forward the link to your friends, your friends’ friends, and to anyone who needs art for their office/industrial space and wants to invest in a vital community cause!

Follow this link:

Louvre, Rain

Photos like this one are available, beautifully framed and matted, in my shop!


Just a few recent pictures – no rhyme or reason to the selection.

Old Lyme Summer Time

A selection of pictures from my summer trips to visit my parents in Connecticut.

Trigger Happy

I carry my camera everywhere, much to the annoyance of many people – some of whom react as though I’m going to reveal their status as a member of the Witness Protection program. And it’s not like I can reassure them by saying things like, “Hey! Relax! I just want to take a picture of  your nose. It’s really unusual.” Or, “I’m not going to tag you on Facebook. I don’t even know who  you are!” So I just fire off as  many photos as I can and then I post the results.

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